Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deactivating Tools in OpenJUMP

There was a question on the OpenJUMP mailing list the other day about how to deactivate or remove the tools that come with the standard OpenJUMP installation. (This can be done because OpenJUMP is built with a pluggable architecture.)

Ede responded with the answer. Turns out you might have to make a tweak in one of three (3) different places. They are:

  1. The "default-plugins.xml" file in the "bin" folder of your OpenJUMP installation.
  2. The JumpConfiguration class Java source code file.
  3. The OpenJumpConfiguration class Java source code file.

Note: If you have to make a change to items 2 or 3 listed above, then you will need to rebuild OpenJUMP from the source code with the source code files that include your changes.

The Sunburned Surveyor
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