Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google's Guide To Writing Testable Code

From Jon Aquino's blog comes this post about Google's guide to writing testable code. I skimmed over the first section "Flaw #1: Constructor Does Real Work" and it sounded logical to me.

I thought I would share it with others, in case you aren't reading Jon's blog (and you should be):

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Distributing GIS Data: Best Practices

My friends in the great white north (Canada) are really way ahead of the game when it comes to GIS. They did fund the development of JUMP, after all, and they are at it again. They've released a guide to the dissemenation (or distrubution) of GIS data. This is another document I hope to read when I get some time.

I wish the federal government in the United States would release such a comprehensive policy document.

Here is the link to the PDF:

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WGS84 Technical Report

Here is a link to a technical report from the National Imagery and Mapping Agency that talks all about WGS84. (World Geodetic System of 1984):

I hope to read trough this report on one of my upcoming vacations, since WGS84 is such an important part of what I do as a surveyor and GISer.

The report looks like it can be understood by most people, without a need for an advanced degree in mathematics or rocket science. :]

I hope others will find it useful.

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