Monday, October 20, 2008

Preview of org.geotools.gpx2 code.

I've made some more improvements to the GPX support code I'm working on as part of an experimental module for GeoTools. Here's how the code works:

A SimpleGpxReader parses a GPX file and provides BasicWaypoint objects. (BasicWaypoint objects implement the SimpleWaypoint interface.) The SimpleWaypointToFeatureConverter class is then used to create a BasicFeature object based on the BasicWaypointobject. These BasicWaypoint Feature can be stored in a FeatureCollection and wrapped in a Layer object for display in OpenJUMP.

Most of the code described above is completed. I need to do a little unit testing and then I can make a release. I hope to get the code in the GeoTools SVN soon as well.

Future plans for this module includes support for GPX tracks and routes, not just waypoints. I'd also like to support GPX file metadata and queries, and the ability to work with some of the temporal attributes of GPX entities.

The Sunburned Surveyor


Hugo said...

I was wondering when the gpx reader will be uploaded to the svn server?

The Sunburned Surveyor said...


You can download the code for the GPX plug-in from my own SVN at the SurveyOS Project:

I'm currently working on setting up an unsupported module in GeoTools for the GPX2 code.