Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Discovering deegree

I’ve been digging around just a little bit in the Javadoc for the deegree Library API. What a hidden treasure chest it is proving to be! It makes me wish I would have taken a closer look at it a long time ago.

What have I found so far?

At least two (2) really cool things. Let me share them with you:

[1] deegree has a comprehensive system for spatial reference system transformations. You can, for example, use deegree code to convert coordinates from WGS84 to NAD 83 California State Plane Coordinates. (See the crs pacakage, coordinatesystems package and the transformations package.)

[2] deegree has the ability to read, manipulate, and write image world files. (See the Javadoc for the WorldFile class.)

I hope to combine these two parts of deegree into a little GUI tool that allows the user to transform image world files.

I’m sure there is more lurking in deegree that I have yet to discover. My only complaint so far is that they deviated quite a bit from JTS and the JUMP Feature model. This means that OpenJUMP programmers wanting to take advantage of Deegree will have some of the same compatibility issues that they would if they wanted to use GeoTools libraries. But, I don’t think deegree has quite the level of complexity that GeoTools does at this point.

The Sunburned Surveyor