Thursday, January 25, 2007

Update On OpenJUMP Release

I’ve decided to package my work on the latest OpenJUMP release as the first version of OpenJUMP-Ex, instead of the “official” OpenJUMP. After some discussion on the JPP Developer mailing list I realized that there is still some language translation work that would need to be done before an “official” OpenJUMP release. Releasing my work as OpenJUMP-Ex will also allow me to try out a couple of new things with the release without ruffling any feathers. For example, I’d like to do some reorganization and renaming of the OpenJUMP Java packages. (After I’ve coming up with a standard package naming convention.) I also need to give my pluggable rendering framework a try, and eventually I’ll need to test out my new cursor tools.

I know it is important to make regular releases for OpenJUMP, which is why I took the last couple of weeks off of my other programming and administration tasks to focus on this. I believe it may be easier to meet this goal, at least initially, with releases of OpenJUMP-Ex through the SurveyOS Project’s SourceForge account. I’ll coordinate with the other OpenJUMP developers and JPP administrators to make sure that my changes and improvements make it back into the OpenJUMP CVS, and eventually the “official” OpenJUMP releases.

After some investigation and further work I've also decided to scratch the IzPack installer for OpenJUMP. I think I can make installation relatively easy without it. I'll be providing an updated shell script for Linux users, and will use JSmooth to create an EXE wrapper of OpenJUMP for Microsoft Windows users. Some of the OpenJUMP developers have also requested a batch file for Microsoft Windows which I will provide.

This change from an OpenJUMP to an OpenJUMP-Ex release may push me back a week, because I'll need to make some changes to the splash screen, version number, release notes and some other things.

The Sunburned Surveyor