Sunday, January 14, 2007

Update On OpenJUMP Release 1.02

I was able to make some progress last week on the 1.02 release of OpenJUMP. I've modified the Ant build file used for the nightly build of OpenJUMP. It's quite a bit simpler now, and doesn't mess with the stuff for the CVS repository at the JPP. I imagine this build file will be a lot more useful for individual developers that want to modify, build, and test OpenJUMP.

I hope to release 3 versions of this Ant build file in the next week or two.

The first version will simply build OpenJUMP without any Javadoc target or distribution targets. This build file will only produce the 2 main OpenJUMP JAR files. This will be the build file will be the quickest and the one most commonly used by developers that want to repeatedly tweak and test OpenJUMP.

The second version of the build file will include the Javadoc target, and will bundle all of the necessary files to create an OpenJUMP “distro”. This means all of the available documentation and the necessary library files.

The third version of the build file will also prepare an Izpack installer for OpenJUMP.

I've finished the first 2 versions on the Ant build file described above, but I'm having some trouble with some of the classes that support internationalization. (That's what I think based on the error message I get when I try to run OpenJUMP from the files produced in the Ant build.) I'm going to try and get some help for this from the other developers on the JPP mailing list. Next week, after this is fixed, I'll be working on the Izpack installer for the 1.02 release. It will be based on the work Erwan and the SIGLE team has already done on the installer for their brand of JUMP.

When I have successfully built the installer, I'll get that incorporated into the third and final version of the Ant build file for OpenJUMP.

Then it will be time to squish a couple of OpenJUMP bugs. We may see a release by the end of February, but don't quote me on that date. I've been wrong on the date too many times already. :]

The Sunburned Surveyor