Monday, December 18, 2006

OpenJUMP 1.1 Official Release

I wanted to give my readers a quick update on the state of the next official OpenJUMP release. I have the last week in December off from work at my day job, and I hoped to have a release ready for the public by the first of the year. However, after talking to Stefan I think this may have been a little overly optimistic.

We’re in the midst of getting agreement for a freeze on new features during the month of January. I hope to wrap up my work on support for pluggable renderers in OpenJUMP and JUMP this week. I’ll postpone my work on the CursorTools through January and concentrate of squishing bugs and making other changes for the release of OpenJUMP 1.1. Hopefully, with help from Stefan and the other developers, we can have the release ready to go by the end of January.

I don’t think that we will have any earth-shattering new features, but it has been a good while since we’ve had an official release of OpenJUMP, and it would be nice to get something out for those that are weary of the nightly build for one reason of another.

Stay tuned to this blog for updates on OpenJUMP 1.1!

The Sunburned Surveyor

P.S. – I had some time to read through the latest issue of GeoWorld, and I want to comment on some of the articles. I’ll try to get those blog entries posted by the end of the week.