Saturday, December 30, 2006

Math for Maps - Experimental Chapter Of The Free GIS Book

I have started working on a chapter for the Free GIS Book that is being hosted at the OSGeo. I'm doing this in an effort to become more involved as a member of the organization, and I thought this would be a small way that I could help. The goal of the chapter is to explain some of the math mapping professionals encounter every day. I hope this chapter fills what I think is a void in current educational material for mapping professionals.
You can find the introduction to the chapter that I have prepared, and the table of contents here:

I encourage other GIS professionals to participate in the writing of the Free GIS Book. I also welcome any suggestions, constructive criticism, and corrections that you can point out to me as you read the material I've developed for the chapter. I hope to add new material every Sunday morning. (This is the only time its quiet at my house.) Tomorrow morning I hope to actually start on the first part of the chapter, which will be dealing with some of the math behind measurments.

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