Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Getting Involved (No more long e-mails...)

Some recent activity on Paul Ramsey’s blog got me thinking about a blog for OpenJUMP. Here it is.

I hope this blog will provide a place for some longer discussions about OpenJUMP, OpenJUMP-Ex, JTS, the JUMP Pilot Project, and the SurveyOS Project. I hope it will also give me the opportunity to receive feedback from those involved in the regular use and development of OpenJUMP. The type of feedback that might not be appropriate or well suited for the JPP or SurveyOS mailing lists hosted at SourceForge. (That means the subscribers to those lists will no longer have to suffer trough as many of my terribly long and rambling philosophical posts.)

This blog will also allow me to have a more active role in the open source GIS community, which is something that I have neglected until now. Those that know me personally realize that I take a neutral stand in political matters, but this doesn’t mean that I can’t become a champion for the open source GIS and support issues that are important to me both as a free software developer and as a land surveyor. These are issues like reasonable access to publicly funded geospatial data, understanding and cooperation between land surveyors and GIS professionals, and the responsible use of geospatial data.

The Sunburned Surveyor