Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Great Tutorial For OpenJUMP

Uwe Dalluege and Stefan Steiniger have done a great job producing an English version of an OpenJUMP Basics Tutorial. (Uwe authored the original version of the tutorial in German, while Stefan provided the English translation.) You can download it at the JUMP Pilot Project SourceForge site:

This tutorial fills a void in OpenJUMP documentation that has been around for a very long time. (Since the original JUMP User Guide was written. Even that user guide was never finished.) I want to pass on my warmest thanks to Stefan and Uwe for their hard work on this tutorial. I’m sure many of OpenJUMP’s users, including myself, will find this helpful.

The work that Stefan and Uwe completed got me thinking a little more about documentation for OpenJUMP. I’d really like to complement the work that these two programmers have done, by improving and expanding our documentation. (For example, OpenJUMP doesn’t currently have a developer’s guide, although there is some developer documentation on the wiki.)

Before I start work on some OpenJUMP documentation I thought it might be a good idea to come up with some documentation standards, using the tutorial by Uwe and Stefan as a starting point. I don’t want anything too complex. Perhaps we can settle on a standard the defines the following:

Paper Size
Margin Size
Title Text Font Type, Style, and Size
Heading/Subheading Text Font Type, Style, and Size
Regular Text Font Type, Style and Size

I also like the way Uwe set up his page header and footer, and perhaps that is something that we can add to the standard as well. This standard will allow us to have documentation that shares the same overall style, even if it is contributed by several different developers over the course of time. I could design a template for OpenOffice Writer that all other documentation writers could use.

I’ll post a question to the mailing list about this, so I can see what the other developers think.

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mehmet said...

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mehmet said...

What is the SRID. Everytime I see it. Why we give -1 values what is the meaning of the -1?

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mehmet said...

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postgre. Which one do I use?

mehmet said...

If we use open jump and assign shapefile to postgis. Postgis can use this map.

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Tuti Andriani Dalail said...
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Tuti Andriani Dalail said...

I am a new user, and I want to follow the steps which are displayed in tutorial, how can I get the same sample data for practise